Why Mediate?

  • Mediation is a better, faster, fairer and more efficient way to resolve disputes
  • In mediation, you and your concerns will be heard and appreciated
  • Your mediator has no preconceived notions and no axe to grind with either side
  • Your mediator can help you find creative solutions that work for both sides

Why Bankruptcy Mediation?

  • Problems in bankruptcy can be very complex
  • Bankruptcy mediation requires a mediator highly experienced in bankruptcy
  • Issues in bankruptcy must be handled economically

Why Bankruptcy Mediation Service?

  • Your mediator, David Leibowitz, has close to 50 years of experience in all aspects of bankruptcy practice
  • Mr. Leibowitz has assumed and represented virtually every role in bankruptcy cases
  • Mr. Leibowitz is not affiliated with an expensive mediation “brand”
  • Mr. Leibowitz has specialized training in bankruptcy mediation from St. Johns University Law School
  • Mr. Leibowitz has additional training in bankruptcy from the Chicago Bar Association
  • Mr. Leibowitz is a member of the American Bankruptcy Institute’s Mediation Committee.
  • Mr. Leibowitz is much less expensive than any competitors
  • You can depend on fair, unbiased, efficient, and economical mediation with Bankruptcy Mediation Service

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