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With 48 years of experience, I can offer you the best bankruptcy service. I will take care of you personally. You can be comfortable knowing I’ve handled just about every kind of bankruptcy case for individuals and businesses in Illinois and around the nation and world. I have been recognized for excellence by every rating service. And I’ve been a leader of the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees and the American Bankruptcy Institute. I can and will take care of you.

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BANKRUPTCY CASES CONTINUE TO BE FILED AT A LOW LEVEL Fewer Bankruptcy Cases Filed in November. Nationally, chapter 7 individual bankruptcies had 17,378 new filings in November, down 6.6% over October 2021. Chapter 13 individual bankruptcies had 10,336 new filings,...


WHY ARE BANKRUPTCY FILINGS LOWER? Federal Aid Helped Bankruptcies Decline Through Covid Pandemic U.S. bankruptcies continued on a four-year decline through the COVID-19 pandemic according to research published by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts on Monday,...


David is an extremely sharp attorney. David’s vast financial acumen combined this with his deep experience and knowledge of the law and courts ensures the best possible results. David is also an early adopter of technology, and he employs it most effectively to the advantage of his clients.

– Dave M

“I’ve known Michael Goldberg at Lakelaw for a few years now. He does a great job letting his clients know their options when it comes to their specific situation. Thanks Michael for all you do. Keep up the great work!!”

– Nathan Raders

“I had a fruitful experience with Lakelaw. I am new to this process and David understood my situation and provided clear and accurate guidance. With me communication is critical, and David was on point. Also, noticed everyone in the courtroom know and respects David. This is someone you need on your side. I recommend Lakelaw.”

– Jimmy Lopez

“Our firm worked with David in his capacity as a bankruptcy trustee and through hard work and sound problem solving we ended up with a great result. I would highly recommend working with David and we hope to work with him again. ”

– Baker Thompson

I have appreciated working with you, Dave, and revel in your success!!

– Kevin Clenna

“As a mortgage lender, I had to reach out to them for one of their past clients, they actually got back to me the same day and worked with the client and myself to get us all the information needed to get their mortgage done!”

– Mk Laurent

“Very fast and easy, David made us feel comfortable with our decision. 10 years later I needed some of the records, he got them for me in minutes!”

– Kim Barnard

“I called his office regarding some questions I had, and was the NICEST attorney I have ever spoken with! Informative, and professional – this guy is good, and he didn’t charge me for a consultation.”

– Mantej Sandhu

I’ve worked with Mr. Leibowitz and his staff in a professional capacity. It’s said that you don’t really know someone until you either marry them or do business with them. I know what it means to be a first class attorney since I have a number of attorneys in my family. I can attest that Mr. Leibowitz and his staff represent the most professional, friendly, and empathetic bankruptcy services out there. LakeLaw all the way!!

– Abdul W Suleiman

I had a really stressful foreclosure that I was dealing with and I needed help. A friend told me about Attorney David Leibowitz of Lakelaw….

David was a very knowledgeable and helped me with this legal problem. I could not be more pleased. If you need legal help, I would recommend that you contact Attorney Leibowitz!

– Daniel Conidi

I recently had the pleasure of working with David Leibowitz on a bankruptcy matter. Even though we were adversaries in the case, David was always courteous and professional. I found him to be very knowledgeable and diligent in representing his client’s interests while at the same time always acting like a true gentleman. I would not hesitate to recommend him to a family member or a friend.

– John L. Grazian

“I choose Lakelaw based on the complimentary reviews I initially read about 5 years ago. Mr. Leibowitz and his staff have always been very helpful and professional. Even more so now and I was discharged almost 5 years ago. I continue to seek their expertise with issues I’m having with a 2nd mortgage. The customer service Lakelaw provides is excellent. Even during the bankruptcy process, they made me feel like I was making the right decision when I felt embarrassed about having to file.”

– Kim Bond

I read about his expertise in the WSJ so I reached out to him and within an hour of my email he responded with his private number which he promptly answered and then proceeded to explain my circumstances even though this meant I would not need to hire him. His candor, transparency, and helpfulness is much appreciated and will not be forgotten if I, or an acquaintance, requires his services in the future. Thank you!

– Steven Cohen

“David Leibowitz and his team at Lakelaw Chicago are totally professional, clear, concise and speedy. They made the whole process of bankruptcy more painless than I could imagine. Every step was explained beforehand and carried out with courtesy, understanding and respect. I definitely would recommend speaking with Lakelaw to anyone considering the need to go through the procedure.”

– Paul B. Magit

“I reached out to Lakelaw last month when I needed some advice concerning a large apartment related debt. David Leibowitz called me back promptly the next day and offered to meet and discuss the situation with me before the end of the week. Their office was close and convenient in the Loop, and the I found the consultation overall very helpful. He clearly outlined my options and their consequences and pointed me toward useful resources to aid me in deciding whether filling bankruptcy would be a good path of action. If I do not find a way to settle the debt and choose file bankruptcy, I will be contacting Lakelaw to help me though the process.”

– Andrew Fox

“David Leibowitz represented me in a very complicated case dealing with a divorce arbitration/bankruptcy filing. He responded instantly to my legal needs, was very aggressive in his representation, and clearly knows the bankruptcy laws forward and backward. He is very professional, will not waste time and got the job done. I am very happy with his services.”

– Patricia Ong